Energy Procurement Strategies and Brokering Services

ESG provides energy brokering, procurement and consulting services to a diverse client base in many industries by creating, implementing and managing strategies to lower their energy costs through planned procurement and energy management programs. Industries served by ESG include the following, many with multiple locations:

Apartment Buildings Banking & Financial Institutions
Commercial & Industrial Buildings Coop & Multi Family Housing
Ecological Research Facilities Electro Plating
Fitness Centers Food Storage & Distribution
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities Hotels & Hospitality
National Retail Stores Office Buildings
Office Buildings Rehabilitation Facilities
Religious Facilities Research Facilities
Schools, Colleges & Universities

ESG’s mission is to work with end users to develop procurement strategies that will make it possible to secure electric and/or natural gas supply at prices lower than those of the energy utility. This is possible through our proven knowledge of the energy markets, utility rates & tariffs and relationships with 3rd party energy suppliers.

Energy Consulting

Energy Solutions Group offers a number of distinct yet interrelated consultive energy services. These services include:

  • Load profiling
  • Usage analysis
  • Utility rate analysis
  • Procurement process design, implementation & management
  • Budgeting energy costs
  • Analysis of alternative energy options
  • Equipment rating
  • Lighting analysis and controls

Curtailment Programs

Load management and curtailment programs are designed to help the electric grid maintain the degree of reliability necessary to sustain extreme peak usage periods and other events that may from time to time impact the reliability of the electric grid. These programs pay end users a monthly fee for participation and a demonstrated ability to reduce electric usage when requested. Reductions generally are attained through curtailment and various types of on-site generation. Contact ESG to explore how you may benefit from these programs.

On-Site Generation

On-site generation is custom configured to each facilities energy profile to optimally balance cost efficiency, environmental footprint and energy security. ESG works with one of the foremost companies in this industry to bring a unique approach to low cost distributed power generation which yield the ultimate energy solution for the following reasons:

  • Incorporate renewable energy sources in a LEED certified project
  • Produce electricity and thermal energy with the highest efficiency
  • Provide independence and security against vulnerabilities of the electrical grid.

Green Energy

There are a number of strategies through which you can increase your environmental energy awareness, reduce your carbon footprint and generally do your part to decrease impact of energy on our environment. ESG works with several green power suppliers, resellers of “green tags” and providers and developers of mechanical products designed to reduce the environmental impact of your energy use. We are prepared to work with you to identify the strategies that best suit your situation.

Energy Management Programs

Energy management and efficiency programs focus on the equipment that consumes your energy and the efficiencies with which that energy is consumed. Examples of these system components include: motors; HVAC equipment; lighting. ESG works with a core of engineers and other energy professional specializing in this type of analysis and implementation. Many of the programs are partially or totally funded by federal and/or state programs all of which our qualified affiliates will manage for you.

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